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General Questions

I have completed my degree or diploma in Nursing from India, How can I become a nurse ( RN, LPN) in Canada?

Step-1: As an Internationally Educated Nurse, or IEN, you must apply to National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). After looking at your documents, NNAS issued an advisory report to the regulatory body that you have selected.

Step-2: Once the advisory report is issued to you by NNAS. You will apply to the regulatory body directly. You will create an account and will apply for LPN and RN licensure.

Step-3: Regulatory body will assess your application and will give you eligibility to write exams based upon your advisory report issued by NNAS. You need to pass your RExPN/ CPRNE exam to get an LPN license. You need to crack your IENCAP a practical exam to get your RN licensure in Ontario and ARNAP in Alberta. There are other prerequisites also to get your nursing license in Canada. One is to meet English language proficiency and the other is to submit Evidence of practice.

Step-4: Once you cracked your CPRNE/RExPN exam successfully and met other pre-requisites then you will get your LPN license in Canada.

Step-5 Once you cracked your IECAP/ ARNAP successfully, you will be given eligibility to write the NCLEX-RN exam. You will be given RN license once you successfully passed your NCLEX-RN and met other pre-requisites.

How can I meet my English Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement?

In order to meet ELP requirements, nurses need to get the required scores from IELTS, and CELBAN. There are many other ways to meet the ELP requirement. Contact us to meet ELP requirements.

My evidence of practice has been expired, do I need to go back home (India) to get my RN Practice hours?

you can get your practice hours while staying in Canada and you will be paid for these practice hours. You don’t need to go back home to get your hours. As we know it is very expensive going back home and leaving our family members here alone, especially kids. CNO has started a new pathway to meet evidence of practice. You don’t need to do any study with Practicum hours to get evidence of practice hours. Contact us to get more information about getting your practice hours.

About Our Courses

Preparation for NCLEX-RN exam

Introducing the most affordable and specialized NCLEX-RN exam preparation center for nursing students. You can learn at your individual pace. We focus on Information and Inspiration which gives you success.

Preparation for CPRNE/RExPN exam

Crack your exam on the first attempt. Discover the best platform for preparing CPRNE/RExPN. It is a Canadian regulatory exam. We provide the best plan that includes an in-depth overview of the contents.

Coaching for CELBAN Exam

Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses is an English Language assessment exam for nurses in Canada. In order to meet English language Proficiency requirements for nurses…


Discover the best platform for preparing IENCAP/ARNAP exam. It is the Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program and We provide the best plan that includes an in-depth overview of the contents.

Nursing Entrance Exams in India

We help you for preparing top Nursing Entrance Exams in India like All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Post Graduate Institute of Medical, Education, and Research (PGIMER).

OTHER Additional Services

Guidance to start the nursing process with NNAS, APHRA, and the USA. In order to become RN and LPN in Canada, the first step is to apply to NNAS. Crack Job interviews in Nursing fields.

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