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On January 20, 2022, Ontario, as well as British Columbia, will begin using The Regulation Exam Practical Nurse (REx-PN) as an exam platform that will be used to register licenses of future LPNs.

At present, all provinces, with the exception of Quebec must complete Quebec’s Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) to be a Registered Practical Nurse. However, beginning in January 2022, CPNRE can be substituted with The Regulatory Exam Practical Nurse (REx-PN) in Ontario and British Columbia. The exam was created in collaboration together with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), which is the same entity that created the NCLEX examination.


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Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE)

  • CPNRE is a built-in “classical test theory” where test-takers are still able to get the right answers through guessing (luck) or through the test’s familiarization (practice) in the event that they retake the test and are faced with similar or identical questions that he did on the first attempt. 
  • This is why CPNRE is limited to three attempts. If the applicant fails three CPNREs, he is not allowed to take the test ever again.

Regulatory Exam – Practical Nurse (REx-PN)

  • REx-PN is founded upon “item response theory” and utilizes an instrument called the Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT-exam). The difficulty level of the following question will be determined by your response to the prior question. 
  • If you completed a difficult task correctly The next one will be more challenging than the previous one. 
  • The program will also determine whether you’re taking the test, and you’ll receive the same set of questions each attempt.

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Unlimited Apply

Exam is not limited to the number of times. You can take the test even if you fail the exam a few times, you’ll not be denied the chance of taking it again. Thus, all applicants have a maximum of six attempts every year.

Effective Feedback

The test is accessible at any time. Unlike CPNRE which is only offered four times in a year, the REx-PN is available at any time provided that the 60-day waiting time between retakes is observed.

Test Accessibility

The test is accessible at any time. Unlike CPNRE which is only offered four times in a year, the REx-PN is available at any time provided that the 60-day waiting time between retakes is observed.

Maximum Attempts

Candidates who have failed CPNRE at least three times are still eligible to take REX-PN. CPNRE is limited to three attempts and previously can continue to apply for LPN registration via REx-PN.

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