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IENCAP- The Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program is an assessment that is standardized of the knowledge, skills and judgment of nurses who are internationally educated (IENs) who want to be RNs within Ontario. 

ARNAP- The ARNAP was designed by the Touchstone Institute in collaboration with CARNA. It is an exam that is standardized and evaluates the skills, knowledge and judgment of nurses who have been educated in countries other than Canada. 


We have helped many nursing students for preparing IENCAP/ARNAP since 2016. We are here to guide you through a better future. You are not alone in this. Join our family and get all the support from our team that is required to achieve your goal.


What is OSCE for Nurses in Canada

For Canada, OSCE forms part of the assessment process for nurses who are internationally educated (IEN). The other component is comprised of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)These evaluation procedures are known by different names based on the province of residence:

1. Alberta – ARNAP (Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program)
2. Ontario – IENCAP (Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program)

What is ARNAP

The ARNAP (Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program) is a test that is standardized for nurses who are internationally educated (IENs) who are seeking registration as a nurse in Alberta as an RN (Registered Nursing).
It is intended to assess the nursing abilities of candidates, including the ability to judge, knowledge, and skills. Additionally it will also test judgment, skills and knowledge. ARNAP will also test comprehension and language skills and performance in interactions with clients ethics, professionalism, and.

What is IENCAP

IENCAP (Internationally educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program) is a standardized assessment of the skills, knowledge and judgment of nurses who have been educated internationally (IENs) hoping for RNs within Ontario.


Mandeep Kaur Gill


Hi! I am the creator of PRABH’S Smart Nurses’ Hub. I am a nursing graduate from the prestigious institutes, PGIMER Chandigarh, India and Mount Royal university Calgary, Canada. I have significant teaching and clinical experience in health education and practice that encouraged me to become the owner of Nursing coaching center in Canada. .


Supportive Environment

Exams that are conducted in a clinical setting, students are guided through the stations through announcements made via a sound system therefore their focus is on the content of the exam rather than the procedure.

Fair Assessments

Professionals and educators who are practicing take part in the development of exams to ensure the authenticity of the exam and its currency, tests have been standardized to guarantee uniformity.

Reliable Result

Exams are designed with our assessments experts working with subject matter experts. The use of rigorous processes is to assess the accuracy of the examination procedure and also the calculations of results.

Maximum Attempts

It’s a hands-on, practical approach to learning that keeps the examiners interested and helps them understand the main factors that influence an effective medical process which encourages aspirant.

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